FINAL EXAM: Hendersonville Has Many Dog-Friendly Options!

Dog lovers are all too familiar with those big, sad eyes looking up at them whenever they leave to go ANYWHERE without their loyal companion! It doesn’t matter where dogs are, the only thing that matters to them is that they are with YOU!

Most people don’t have the option to take their dogs to work with them, but increasingly, local establishments are becoming dog-friendly. Pet stores have always opened their doors to their furry clients. Well-behaved dogs on leashes have always been welcome at Home Depot and Lowes. Tractor Supply invites you to bring your dog in while you shop. Hobby Lobby welcomes leashed, well-behaved dogs, as does Barnes and Noble, Marshalls, Home Goods and Ross. In recent years, many hotels are catering to our four-legged family members with accommodations and welcome cookies. In Hendersonville, Inn Town Suites is pet-friendly, as is Hyatt Place, Airbnb and HomeAway beach house, cabin & condo rentals.

What about dining?! Fortunately, Hendersonville is full of dining options for you and your dog! Did you know that there are at least 16 restaurants in Hendersonville where you can bring your dog along with you to dine? Yes! We found 16 restaurants that welcome dogs at their outdoor tables! We decided to try a couple of them out. What we found were restaurants where our dogs were able to happily sit at our feet while we enjoyed our food. Some of them even offered special treats for dogs, like Starbucks‘ “Puppicino” or “Pup Cup”, while others had inexpensive menu items that dog owners commonly order.

My husband Mike and I took our dogs, Zion and Aria to Starbucks and Panera Bread to try out their dog-friendly accommodations. We were met by a friendly staff and nice outdoor setting to enjoy our food and drinks. The dogs had a great time and so did we, knowing that they weren’t sitting at home missing out on all the fun!

In this podcast, I spoke with Audrey and Kailey at The Rudder Restaurant at Anchor High Marina on the lake in Hendersonville. Located just off Rockland Road, the Rudder offers a menu with a wide variety of food and a dog friendly patio deck with beautiful views of the lake. The restaurant has a laid back atmosphere and is a popular entertainment spot. It features events including live music, shrimp boils, and theme parties. While the dogs stayed home with my husband on this particular trip, they would definitely have approved.

Let’s Go to Lunch with Our Dogs! from Yvonne Nachtigal on Vimeo.